Sunshine Coast Shade Cloth Repairs and Replacements

Supershades are a local Sunshine Coast business specialising in providing residents and business owners with fast and affordable shade cloth repair and replacement services. We use high-quality thick and durable shade cloth (which is also available in a water-proof option) and we can repair any shade sail, umbrella or awning. Our shade cloth is available in a huge variety of colours which ensures that if we do have to replace the cloth, we can colour match it perfectly.

For more information regarding our shade cloth repair and replacement services, please get in touch on 07 5476 5764.

Repairs vs Replacement

Shade cloth is a fabric that is specifically designed to withstand the elements. It is a thick, durable fabric that can withstand wind, rain and storms. However, it is not invincible, and it does have a limited lifespan. Over time, it will fade. Shade cloth in public spaces such as car parks, playgrounds and pools is also often the victim of vandalism.

The extent of the damage will determine whether we repair the shade cloth or replace it completely. We can usually re-stich a shade cloth once but if its already been re-stitched before then we may recommend replacing it. If you have noticed a small hole or tear in your shade cloth, we recommend getting it repaired as quickly as possible because if the damage becomes worse, you may have to look at having the whole shade cloth replaced.

The Process

We will send one of our experienced team members to your property to assess the damage, discuss your options and provide you with a quote for repairs and/or replacement. If the damage has been caused by a storm or wild weather, it may be covered by your insurance in which case we are happy to provide you with the quote and any additional information you require to submit your claim.

If you are happy with the quote then we will book in a suitable time for the repair to be completed.

Sunshine Coast Shade Cloth Repairs

Get in touch to request a shade cloth repair or replacement quote. Call Supershades on 07 5476 5764.